Pesticide Residue Risk Assessment Tool for footnote 1 products (version 2022)

To ease and harmonise the  food safety  risk assessment on pesticide residues in footnote 1 products, The Royal Dutch Grain and Feed Trade Association, MVO, Nevedi, OPNV, SecureFeed, VDDN and Vernof developed this “Pesticide Residue Risk Assessment Tool.
Risk assessment might be necessary as MRLs do not apply to products exclusively used for feed (according to footnote 1 of EU Regulation 396/2005). "MRLs do not apply to products or part of products that by their characteristics and nature are used exclusively as ingredients of animal feed, until separate MRLs are set in the specific category". Risk assessment is harmonized within the Dutch feed sector by developing this common tool.  The input for this Excel tool is the level of the pesticide residue analyzed in the feed material. Drop-down menus contain pesticide residues most commonly found by the Dutch feed sectors and a selection of footnote 1 products. The output is whether the level poses a dietary exposure safety concern for animal or human health.
The Pesticide Residue Risk Assessment Tool for footnote 1 products is coordinated with the Dutch food and Consumer Safety Authority (NVWA).
In 2019 the same sectors jointly developed the Pesticide guide (note: the guide is being updated at the moment), which describes how to handle  results regarding pesticide residues in feed materials for the Dutch market. The risk assessment tool provides additional guidance for the risk assessment of footnote 1 products.
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Questions or suggestion about this tool and technical issues can be directed to the Royal Dutch Grain and Feed Trade Association (email: cvg@graan.com).
Disclaimer: the Pesticide Risk Assessment Tool is meant as an aid for the animal feed production chain to perform a risk assessment. The company using this aid remains primarily responsible for putting safe products on the market. The Tool calculates if a product is safe for animals and for humans consuming foods originating from these animals, under the conservative assumptions stated in de tool. The calculations are not meant to provide guidance if the food of animal  origin complies with the applicable MRL for the substance in question, as this can only be verified by  analytical testing.

Disclaimer: Although the Tool is aligned with the Dutch Food and Consumer Safety Authority (NVWA), the latter remains the right to perform their own Risk Assessment in cases they deem this necessary.